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Our Mission:

Empowering communities through service, camaraderie, and compassion, the Elks strive to foster a spirit of unity and philanthropy. Committed to enhancing lives and uplifting those in need, we embody the values of integrity, inclusivity, and generosity. Together, we work tirelessly to create a brighter future for all.

Gary R.

After retirement I found myself with more time and fewer interaction with likeminded people. Joining the White Rock Elks and volunteering has allowed me to meet some great people. As a member of the Elks, I feel good about giving back to the community by raising funds to support underfunded organizations, families and individuals.

Jaki G.

I was introduced to the white Rock Elks by Don Alton. 13 years ago! I found it friendly and inviting! It wasn't long before I was volunteering. I took my serving it right and bartended when necessary. I was on the entertainment committee for a year. Then was elected for membership director 7 years ago which was great as I love meeting new people and telling them all about what we do. Since then I have organized Wednesday and Friday entertainment and line dancing We are the best keep secretin White Rock!!!

Kelly M.

The White Rock Elks is the best kept secret in White Rock. I have enjoyed meeting many people that I now call friends. I enjoy the atmosphere of the club, the entertainment and the events. I started out as a memeber of the club, and now, I am President, which is a great honour. We give to charities and the community, also to the BC hearing for the children, as well as children's camps. I really enjoy being a member of this little Elks Lodge.

Pat and Lynn
Pat & Lynn

We enjoy the warm atmosphere an lighting. The live music is always wonderful and varied that keep our toes a tapping, with a swing or two on the dance floor. The people are friendley and approachable. The bar staff is excellent and the Friday night draws always brings in a crowd. We have special events that are seaslonally appropriate. Our special and excellent cook Judy and all the volunteers, lend a helping hand to create the Elks success. We have been members for just over five years and have thoroughly enjoyed the fun times, comradely, not to mention the charities that the Elks gives so generously to.

Shirley A.

My love of music introduced me to Don Alton., Jaki, Lois and Patrick of the White Rock Elks #431; to the Sunday Jams and other organized events. With thoughts of removing the dust from my soul, I finally joined in 2022 and have danced, decorated and met some very special folks.

Bob O.

When I joined the Elks in White Rock, six years ago, it was primarily due to my interest in music. I quickly learned the mission of the Elks in our community and have embraced the challenge of fund raising and charity... This activity has been personally rewarding for me. We have been able to assist folks in need in the community. The need for sharing and giving has never been greater in these uncertain times...

The Start of White Rock Elks Lodge #431

white rock start

In 1957 the Grand Lodge Organizer, Vern Taylor, came to White Rock to see Mr. W.A.E. Wall. With White Rock starting to grow there was a very good chance of having an Elks Lodge in our own community.

Mr Wall had organized the first Elks Lodge in McBride, B.C., so Mr. Taylor came to see if Mr. Wall would organize the first Lodge in White Rock. Mr. Wall Senior said that he was now retired and could not undertake the large task of starting to organize a new Lodge; however, he did know someone who was capable and would welcome the challenge. Mr. W. A. E. Wall sent the Grand Organizer Vern Taylor to see his son Art E. Wall. Art Wall, Junior had joined Elkdom in McBride Lodge in 1936 when he became 21 years old.

Art Wall, Jr. was only too happy to take on the challenge, so a small select group of businessmen got together and started a drive for members to form the first Elks Club in White Rock. To form a new Lodge there has to be at least 50 people sign a petition of membership. When this was done it was sent to Grand Lodge to be handed over to the Grand Organizer to take care of. In the latter part of 1957 the groundwork for Lodge #431 took place.

White Rock Elks Lodge #431 made its start in the early part of 1958 when the first election of officers was held on April 20th 1958.

The first meetings were held in “Connors Hall” on Marine Drive and then moved to “Buena Vista Hall” on Stevens Street. Later it moved to “Chuck Arnolds Building” on Stayte Road and then many more halls until 1964 when the first Elks Hall was opened in White Rock.

white rock start

In 1957, Grand Lodge Organizer Vern Taylor visited White Rock to discuss establishing an Elks Lodge due to the area’s growth. Mr. W.A.E. Wall, who had organized the first Elks Lodge in McBride, couldn’t undertake the task himself but recommended his son, Art E. Wall. Art enthusiastically accepted the challenge, rallying a small group of businessmen to start a membership drive. By late 1957, groundwork for Lodge #431 began, with the first officers elected in April 1958. Meetings initially took place in various halls until the opening of the first Elks Hall in White Rock in 1964.

Elks hall 1

Before the current lodge, the Elks were operating out of a smaller building in White Rock. In the spring of 1987, Elks started work on the new lodge.


The Elks Hall opening was graced by the presence of White Rock Mayor Gordon Hogg. The dedication and hard work of these individuals ensured the existence of this building today.

sea festival

Elks have long been involved in the Sea Festival, showcasing their presence with a dedicated float. In 1981, during the White Rock Sea Fest, the Elks proudly displayed their float, featuring the Langley Youth Ambassadors on board.

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