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Embrace Community, Make a Difference

Benefits of Membership

Meet new friends
Make a difference in your community
Belong to an organization that fundraises for those in need
Access to meetings, special events and our George Street Lounge.
Low membership fee: $72/year
Serving the community since 1958


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Being an Elk means more than just joining; it means actively participating and contributing to our shared mission of service and camaraderie.

Throughout the year, we host a variety of events and fundraisers that benefit our community, and as an Elk member, you are expected to volunteer and support these initiatives. Your involvement is crucial to the success of our efforts and reflects the core values of our organization.

Once you are a member, you’ll receive further information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and how you can get involved. We encourage you to embrace this opportunity to give back and connect with fellow members who share your passion for service.

Qualifications for Being an Elks Member

1. Any Person of Good Standing
2. Adherent of Lawful Government
3. Having Attained the age of 16​

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Registration Fees

  • First time applicant $72 plus $25 one time cost of initiation = $97
  • Renewing Members $72
  • Family Add-on $54 plus $25 initiation fee = $79

Pro Rated New Membership Fees

One time $25 initiation fee applies to all

  • April $54($79); Family $40.50 ($65.50)
  • July $36 ($61); Family $27.00 ($52)
  • Oct $18 ($43); Family $13.50 ($38.50)

Please pay online OR Pay at the lodge cash or cheque

  • eTransfer to treasurer@whiterockelks.ca

​If you have any questions or problems, please email us at membership@whiterockelks.ca or call us at 604-538-4016.